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Author: Allison Cassels

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Global marine analysis suggests food chain collapse

A world-first global analysis of marine responses to climbing human CO2 emissions has painted a grim picture of future fisheries and ocean ecosystems. Published today in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), marine ecologists from the University of Adelaide say the expected...

Behind the Scenes with the Energime University Founder and Director

By William Sosinsky I have recently embarked on writing a book outlining the guiding principles behind Energime and the core of our methodology as we look to empower our population with the critical tools we need as we face our future challenges. The following excerpt is...

Our Food Chain is at Risk (Part 2): We are Emptying our Oceans of Fish

By William Sosinsky In keeping with the theme of the last article we need to examine how we are managing our oceans for food production and the issues we will soon be facing unless we dramatically change our global management practices. Scientists from monitoring groups as diverse...

Our Food Chain is at Risk (Part 1): Peak Phosphorus

By William Sosinsky One of the main areas of concern in regards to a sustainable food chain is a key component of fertilizer which is essential for cell wall, root, and flower development in plants; Phosphorus. Without this crucial and irreplaceable mineral there would be no...

The Tipping Point

As far back as I can remember since we as people began to recognize our potential to destroy our planet’s environment, experts have spoken of a tipping point. This is a theoretical time frame where our collective action would no longer offset catastrophic damage to...

We Have to Stop Treating our Waste like Garbage!

It is clear these days that world is being overrun with waste. You cannot help but notice all the articles that talk about landfills being decommissioned as they fill to capacity, or the huge amounts of refuse being shipped to far off places that will...

The Protocols of Sustainable Investment

It occurs to me after watching the world struggle with the issues of a changing environment, energy shortages, and global food security that nobody really seems to know what they are doing and not enough is getting accomplished. In this article, let’s examine the problem...

Sustainable World Economics are the Key to a Green Future

For most of my life I have watched our natural environment being destroyed with little to nothing of substance being done to halt that destruction. Since I first became aware and sensitive to the negative direction we (humanity) were headed, I have asked myself the...

Green Investing is Killing Our Planet

It is well past the time where we need to get an uncomfortable truth out into the open. Not all supposed “green investments” are good for the planet. In fact, money invested into some very large “sustainable” projects support some of the most destructive activities...

11 Ways We Can Address Our Future Global Food Challenges

Most of the main efforts these days related to sustainability seem to be focused around issues concerning energy. That is easy to understand with oil prices near all time highs, and the recent energy-related environmental catastrophes in the Gulf of Mexico (BP) and Japan (Nuclear)...