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Living the Dream: Suicide and My Part in Its Downfall

It has been a long while since I posted my last Ambassador's blog on the Energime University website. This is because the University Director sprang a surprise on me by suggesting I should compile a formal course in my Ambassador's specialty to teach students and...

Goal #5 for Transforming our World 2015-2030 Gender Equality

The only gender inequality that ever impacted on me and left a lasting impression was the fact that, as I wasn't a woman, I couldn't make babies, and that caused me to feel deprived.   Being born a male had deprived me of the capacity of creating...

Goal #4 for Transforming our World 2015-2030: Quality Education

Despite being as poor as church mice and suffering occasional hunger due to the war and our low income, the one thing I wasn't deprived of was a quality education. How I got it was very elaborate and that is a story in itself, and it...

Goal #3 for Transforming our World 2015-2030: Good Health and Well Being

Despite having numerous physical, psychological and moral ailments, throughout my life on earth, I don't recall feeling anything other than good health and well being. Maybe it is because I am an eternal optimist. Or maybe I am an eternal optimist because I have never felt anything...

Goal #2 for Transforming our World 2015-2030: Zero Hunger

My earliest memory of being hungry was as a 4-5 year old child, when my mum and dad had gone somewhere while I was out playing and I missed my lunch, so I climbed in the back kitchen window of the bungalow where we lived...

Goal #1 for Transforming our World 2015-2030: No Poverty

The first item on the business plan that William the Conqueror must have drawn up with his squires, Odo and Robert, on the day of his coronation as King of England, must have been a funding plan to finance the governance of England by his...

Making Sustainable Sustainability Entrepreneurs

People with autism are prone to dying prematurely [http://bit.ly/23WJ7Es]. Children (up to 23 years of age in the USA) with autism are prone to suicide ideations and attempts [http://bit.ly/1JqH7hw]. Adults (aged 21 and upwards in UK) with Asperger's Syndrome also prone to suicide ideations and attempts [http://bit.ly/1KuwoBj]. Autism...